Iford Manor welcomes visitors of all abilities. This page aims to give an honest overview of the level of accessibility that the garden offers. It has been created in collaboration with less able visitors, and Bella d'Arcy Reed (editor of, to whom thanks are owed in this regard.

Being an important historic garden situated on a steep hillside, it is always going to be an impossible challenge to render The Peto Garden fully accessible to all without compromising the Internationally Listed design features. Nevertheless, we are proud to have been able to make the garden as accessible as we can, and we welcome comments and suggestions from those who have made the effort to visit.

We cannot guarantee the information here to be perfect, or correct in every situation - thus, for the most up to date information we always encourage people to telephone or email in advance, using the contact details to the left side of this page.


The visitors' car park at Iford is in an orchard offering step-free access (initially over grass, then asphalt, then stone) to the entrance of the garden, tearoom and accessible WC facilities.

Visitors who are intending to visit the garden (rather than just the tearoom) and who either use a wheelchair or who need assistance walking, are advised where possible to come with a companion. It is best to wait in the car initially, whilst the companion contacts the ticket desk. The ticket attendant can then contact someone who will show you the alternative entrance to the garden for wheelchairs, where you can park your vehicle. This saves extra getting in and out of the vehicle upon arrival.

What Can I see?

We have produced a map which shows visually the paths in the garden which are accessible for those of different abilities.

Click here to download accessibility map

(It's quite a large file, around 3.7MB, so best make a cup of tea and enjoy the garden map as the image unfolds!)

The Tearoom

The Tearoom is accessible with step-free access, and the staff are always willing to help by carrying trays etc. The (old, historic) ramp to the tearoom service point is a little steep (around 1 in 8), but can be negotiated by a wheelchair if pushed. Nevertheless, less able visitors may find it easier to contact a member of the tearoom staff and ask them to take their order at the table, rather than at the service window.

We hope that this has helped to clarify in practical terms the level of accessibility at Iford. For further information, you might like to read this excellent article by Bella D'Arcy-Reed, which chronicles her own visit to Iford in 2010.

We wish you a very pleasant visit to Iford, and hope that you will feel happy to telephone us on 01225 863146 to advise us of your timing, and for clarification of any points.

As there were lots of perching places I did not feel at all tired; and if you have companions, they can make sure you don't slip.

Bella D'Arcy Reed