The Iford Valley

Iford has been occupied since Roman times and the manor house sits idyllically by the Frome river in this steep-sided valley. Iford Manor itself is mediaeval in origin, the classical facade being added in the eighteenth century when the hanging woodlands above the garden were planted but it started out life as a wool factory, wool production being the major industry in the area for many centuries.

Iford is the perfect place to make for on an afternoon walk from Freshford or Farleigh Hungerford (each has a good pub serving good food), or for the more serious rambler, as part of a wider route encompassing Bradford-on-Avon, Avoncliff (nice pub), and the Kennet and Avon canal. At the end of the walk to the Italianate corner of Wiltshire lies the perfect reward: a Housekeeper's Cream Tea.

To the south of the valley lies the Internationally renowned Farleigh Castle Motocross Course, which is one of the oldest courses in the country still in annual use, having begun in 1938. The course hosted a most exciting Motocross GP race back in 1985 - clips of the race can be found here. An excellent history of the site is available from the Herefordshire Twinshock Club.

Not just a romantic Italianate garden: there's always something going on at Iford, be it a cream tea or an opera performance in high summer or a frosty walk through the wooded valley, with the sun casting long haunting shadows through the trees. If you've never discovered us, isn't it time you paid us a visit?


The antidote to the bustle of modern life: a walk through the valley at Iford

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